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Why I started this CBD Research Site

After my first horrific CBD buying experience, I knew I needed to be more educated before jumping into the world of CBD.  

  • Is CBD legal?
  • Could CBD get you high?
  • Can I take as much CBD as I want without problems?
  • Is it safe to buy CBD products grown in a foreign country?
  • What did I need to look for when purchasing CBD?

Because of the results we were having with CBD, I wanted to continue purchasing it, but:

  • From an honest company.  
  • A company that was an open book. 
  • A company that had real people that could answer questions. 

I needed to research all of the questions above and not rely on someone else to answer them for me.  

Because of this personal experience:

  • I began my research of dozens of CBD brands.  
  • I purchased CBD books. 
  • I looked at government information.

I began logging all of the information I found on each of the companies 

  • ingredients
  • claims
  • education
  • lab tests
  • legality
  • and more...


I wanted to find the best all-around CBD brand and that lead me to creating this review site.   rI decided there are millions of people that could benefit from CBD but it can be very expensive and I did not want others to go through what I experienced.  And even worse, to spend money on fake CBD products or overpriced CBD products. 

I already did the research, so why not share?  

Most CBD review sites charge CBD companies up to $5,000 to be added to their top 10 list....

We do not charge, in fact, we pay to purchase the products.  We want to be fair and honest in our reviews.  

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