The reason I started this site is because of my first CBD buying experience...

I had been hearing about CBD and the benefits of it.  As a health conscious consumer and an advocate for natural healing, I went to a tradeshow where there were several CBD booths.  I listened to their talk of: 

  • "legal in all 50 states"
  • "safe of all ages"
  • "small amount of THC"
  • "won't test positive on a drug test" 
  • "grown outside the U.S. for the highest quality"
  • "contains only natural ingredients"
  • "Best price! Buy more and save"
  • "Can't take too much" 
  • "Will help you sleep, get rid of anxiety, relieve pain and fix PTSD"

My son-in-law was a veteran with PTSD and a back injury, so he suffered with pain and anxiety. I thought I had to give CBD a try and why not this company?  They had great sales people, offered me the decent deal and really knew their stuff.  So I bought a bunch.  

Next came the test for success.  I sent some with my son-in-law to try, excited for the outcome to be as incredible as promised.  He began to take the CBD softgels faithfully.  

His 10 year old daughter saw the softgels in the cabinet and decided to give them a try.  She took several.  Later that day they came to my house for a Sunday picnic.  She seemed very quiet and withdrawn and this was not like her.  I asked if everything was ok. She replied yes, but then retreated to the sofa.  Within 30 minutes she became pale and lethargic. Extremely concerned, I asked her parents to address the issue.  

They immediately took her to the emergency room at the local hospital.  They admitted her quickly and through blood tests, discovered she had overdosed on THC. She then admitted to taking several(number unknown) CBD softgels.  

Her parents explained to the doctors what had happened, but when a child overdoses on THC, social services gets involved.  They came to the home to inspect, they interviewed all the children and the parents, they required the 'drugs' be removed from the home.  No arrests were made but social services stated they would be making random visits to the home over the next few months.

In the meantime, the CBD was really helping my son-in-law, my husband with a broken rib, my mom with her sleep issues and me with sleep, stress and a little back pain.  

It was then, I decided I'd better do my own CBD research...  READ MORE HERE